fluids under pressure

Pythia’s Journals is a monomedia art festival text, sound & visual art that offers different possibilities to think, act and sense ourselves into a future.
Pythia was the interpreter of the curious singing sounds from the intoxicated oracles.

She transformed the seemingly incoherent utterings coming from the hazy cave into cryptical prophetic messages for the curious. And we are so ever curious to read those journals from the future.


PYTHIAS JOURNALS – an online mono media festival curated by Tobias Kirstein & Signe Vad
13-15 may 2020


Fluids under pressure
By Jørgen Callesen / Jacob Tekiela / Carlo Størup / Christian van Schijndel


Koncept & Idea: Jørgen Callesen
Performer: Miss Fish
Sound Design: Carlo Størup
Video Art: Jacob Tekiela
Camera: Christian van Schijndel

Duration 3:08 min